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FOCO BOARD Led specially designed for billboad .The billboard advertising is still one of the most popular and effective marketing methods, and proper night illumination for billboard would be the key to advertising campaign. We have designed two kinds of Lens (F01601 and F00801), specifically for billboard application. From false color perspective, our FOCO Board has excellent lighting curve even compared with Top Brand,and is much better than other competitors.
FOCO COVER Led Flood light built to beat the common COB flood lights & tadtional HID flood lights.Modularized 30w each module,easy expened from 60W to 240W.The classic colo combination red & black make it so fashion in the sky.No other COB type flood lights will look like this any longer. Unlike the commen COB type flood lights with only one beam angle of 120°degree.Foco Cover Led flood lights has multi beam angles 30°x70°,60°x90° and 120°.FOCO Cover is suitable for all kinds of applications with different heights and spacing.